Laatste Nieuws

5 May 2007
Introduction of our restyled website.

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TDS Creative IT Concepts
Our IT partner in Germany.

Hexspoor IT: Opleidingen
Our partner for training & education.

Odyssey Computer Services Ltd
Our IT partner in the United Kingdom.

IT Services Nederland BV
Our IT partner in The Netherlands.




News items.

25 January 2006. Introduction of DVS-Presenter

Dommel Valley Solutions is introducing a new service under the name of DVS-Presenter.
This new service is based on character driven communications. In other words we are talking about Virtual Personalities. Since some time a virtual host (VP) welcomes our visitors on our Dutch home page. That VP is actually a straight forward representation of this technology. The welcome message is a text to speech conversion. One line of code was all that was required to insert it in that web page.